Our Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions:

Any attempts to bypass our terms of service will cause the campaign to cease immediately and the client will not be refunded for his traffic purchase.
The Following types of websites are not allowed and will be rejected:

Popups or Javascript Prompts (1 allowed on Pop-Up Traffic).
No Adult Websites or Porn
No Stumble Upon Links.
Adf.ly, Adfoc.us, and other PTP sites.
Sites with clicksor ads.
Websites that require the user to log in.
Blank landing pages.
Websites with illegal, racist, or hateful content.
Websites with content we deem to be inappropriate for our visitors.
Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adwares, Malware, etc.
Iframes that redirect to malicious websites.
Frame breaking scripts.
Websites with download prompts.
Domains with .tk or .co.cc extensions.
Websites that sell drugs of any kind.