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Send Thousands Of Targeted Emails - Reach New Customers!

Extend your marketing to reach thousands of prospects in just a few minutes. These days time is money and money is still no easier to come by for most. Why not spend your precious time wisely and reach out to the far corners of the web with email marketing? All of our recipients are double opted-in and have agreed to receive offers in their inboxes. As popular as social media is, "tweets" and "likes" are not going to replace the inbox any time soon. Email marketing is and will remain one of the most popular methods of advertising. Just ask yourself how often do you receive email?

Targeted Email: Starting At Only $9.95

  • No SPAM methods used
  • Only 100% real human recipients
  • Send your offer to people that are interested in the category you selected
  • Choose Target Location: Dozens of locations including all 50 States
  • Choose Target Category: Dozens of categories to select from
  • Reach New Customers: Great way to access thousands of new prospects
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Send email to those interested in the category you choose

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